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"Something magical happens when you read and we’re here, this winter, to share, shout about and celebrate the way that magic works and the places it can lead you..."

Nicola Pitman, Leader of the Winter of Wellbeing Library Campaign

Let’s feel better during the Winter of Wellbeing

We’re forging a new path through winter in Wales this year. Rather than wishing the season away as we continue to recover from and deal with the impact of Covid, we want to help children, young people and families feel good as we head towards Spring.

The plan? It starts with reading and all the brilliant benefits it brings to our wellbeing. We’re creating a longlist of fabulous mood boosting reads (check out below how to nominate your favourite!) as we launch the campaign.

But reading’s just the start of the adventure. Over the next three months we’ll be revealing a host of activities, competitions and events you can enjoy (right here online and in your local library), with authors and special guests across Wales sharing your journey and helping make this a season for new thinking, new discoveries, new connections and new friends.

Come as you are from wherever you live and join in. Here are five easy ways…

1. Shout about the book that’s made you feel good!

Get your favourite mood-boosting read on our Winter of Wellbeing booklist so we can share it with others across Wales. We’re looking for recommendations in Welsh and English from anyone and everyone under the age of 25. Fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, Manga, poetry, picture books …the choice is yours. We want to know about the books that have made you feel better, connected or understood. Nominate the feel-good book you’d like us to shout about by 24 January.

2. Join in!

Come along to one of our Winter of Wellbeing events for families, teens, and young adults. We’ll be bringing brilliant voices together (including yours) to talk about remarkable reads and the changes they can bring to your family, your daily life, your health and your wellbeing. Watch this space for how to book.

3. Take part!

Dip into our activities and competitions or take your pick of great things to watch this Winter of Wellbeing on our You Tube channel, arriving soon on this site. The list will be growing so revisit whenever you can!

4. Discover

Discover – or rediscover – the free, welcoming heart of your community that is your library. Local libraries across Wales are brimming with good reads (tens of thousands of them, all free, in audio, digital or print format), exciting events and easy-access activities. Library doors are open (online or in person), and teams are ready to welcome you and help you connect with people, places and possibilities to brighten the Winter months. Discover your nearest library (and what’s on there).

5. Join the conversation!

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share your ideas, reads and wellbeing tips. Use the hashtags #MidWeekWellbeing #WinterOfWellbeing across the whole Winter season.