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Something magical happens when you read and we’re here, this winter, to share, shout about and celebrate the way that magic works and the places it can lead you...

Nicola Pitman, Leader of the Winter of Wellbeing Library Campaign

Celebrating the Winter of Wellbeing

The days are getting longer and we are seeing more of the sun! Now we’ve discovered how reading can lift our spirits in the Winter, let’s take our stories outside and experience the magic of reading throughout the changing seasons.

Watch for Wellbeing!

We were delighted to have the support of a number of fantastic writers and illustrators who took part in our wellbeing-themed livestreamed events. If you couldn’t join us for the live events during our campaign, you can catch up with them here. They include fabulous talks from authors like Horatio Clare, Elgan Rhys, Manon Steffan Ros, Casia Wiliam and Eloise Williams. We celebrated the ways books can be your best mates, how kindness can change the world, why listening is a powerful way to connect and lots lots more!

More things to do!

During the Winter of Wellbeing libraries across Wales have showcased the magic between their bookshelves and the fabulous ways they can connect readers with each other and with their community. From gardening to drama workshops, yoga to gaming, soap making to sewing, there was something for everyone! The fun doesn’t stop now. Find your local library and explore what they have in store for the months ahead.

Your Winter of Wellbeing Booklist!

We asked you about the books that made you feel better, and we loved what you had to say! You told us about the books that made you laugh out loud, helped you escape, were great to share, which introduced you to new friends and new ideas, which simply 'got you and how you were feeling'.

It was a tough job choosing our final 25 – every idea was a good one – but a big thank you for giving your favourites a shout out. Now it’s time to celebrate and share in the wonderful reads that made it to our Winter of Wellbeing shortlist. Head to your local library and enjoy reading for wellbeing.

Thank you so very much for voting for Sw Sara Mai as a book that has helped you or made you happy. It has been a very tough couple of years for us all, and I have certainly found joy and strength and hope between the covers of many books. I am delighted to hear that some of you have found the same joy, strength and hope in Sw Sara Mai.

Casia Wiliam