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The magic of reading was felt across Wales during our Winter of Wellbeing events!

If you missed out on seeing the events live there is no need to worry. Recordings of all of the events are available to watch on demand through The Reading Agency's YouTube channel, with subtitles available in Welsh and English or watch them right here! Find out how to use YouTube captions.

There is something for everyone with talks on creativity, reading, wellbeing and connection.

Jump to the videos below:

Is it relevant? A debate about books for young people!

If stories represent who we are - our experiences, hopes, dreams, fears and goals – we need to see ourselves inside them. So how can books be more relevant to our life and help us all learn more about ourselves and others?

Perfect for ages 16+.

You are Enough and I Can Prove It

Award-winning writer, poet, actor and current Children's Laureate Wales Connor Allen leads this special conversation with young people across Wales about the power of creativity and why empowerment is the greatest tool we have.

The Power of Listening

Join Elgan Rhys, writer-director-performer and one of Stonewall Cymru’s role models as he puts a spotlight on listening and discusses why it is one of the most powerful tools for connecting us to others, and how that connection can be crucial for wellbeing.

Ideal for young people aged 14+.

Books Are Your Best Mates

A fabulous opportunity to hear from award-winning author Manon Steffan Ros about how reading can inspire, affect and keep us company through hard or changing times.

Ideal for children aged 10-14 years.

Walking for Wellbeing

Come on a journey with us! Join Eloise Williams, award-winning author and inaugural Children's Laureate Wales (2019-21) to discover how the great outdoors inspires her stories and what you can learn from her as she shares them.

Pass it Forward!

Could kindness be your superpower, and can you pass it on?

Perfect for 8-11-year-olds.

The Wild in You!

Ever wonder why the things that happen to us each day matter more than grown-ups might think and how they shape how we feel and how we imagine?

Perfect for 8-11-year-olds.

Ready to Explore? Writing Workshop

Tune into the world around you and find the best words to describe what you hear, see and feel with the amazing poet Alex Wharton (Daydreams and Jellybeans).

Perfect for 7-10-year-olds.

Express Yourself!

Pick up your paper, pencils or crayons and be part of the art as illustrators of some of your favourite children’s books - Jackie Morris and Cathy Fisher - share the stories behind their work.

Perfect for 6-9-year-olds.

Legends, Myths and a Little Music

How did stories in Wales begin, and how would you like to start yours? Join this enchanting storytelling workshop.

Perfect for 6-9-year-olds.

Suppertime Reading

Cwtch up and bring your favourite cuddly! One of your favourite picture book authors, Sarah KilBride (you may know her gorgeous 'A Cuddle and a Cwtch') is ready to share some magical suppertime reading and relaxation with you and your little ones, as well as some inspiring ideas for bringing stories alive every day, everywhere!

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